Package Management with Conan

August 28, 2018

During my internship at Arm, I’ve worked quite a bit with a neat piece of software called Conan. Conan isn’t a household name in the world of software yet, so it’s no big deal if you haven’t heard of it, but I think it’s awesome. It is a C/C++ package manager that’s built for developers. It’s open source, decentralised, multi-platform, and it uses a Python class as its package descriptor format. If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

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Showerthoughts: Trustless Multiparty Pseudorandom Numbers

December 23, 2017

Let’s say that Kenny and Hector are planning a bank heist and they need to decide amongst themselves who is the robber and who is the driver (à la Shut Up and Dance from Black Mirror). Surely most people would prefer to be the driver in this situation and so with no better way to choose, the fair thing to do would be flip a coin. If it’s heads, then Kenny is the robber, otherwise Hector is.

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Randomness for Allocation Problems

August 18, 2017

I have a younger sibling who is a primary school student. With the end of the school year fast approaching, she and her classmates were issued a form to complete, allowing them to specify who they would like to be placed in a class with next year. The form offered three preferences: a first, second and a third choice, where you were most likely to be placed in a class with your first choice, although none of them were guaranteed.

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